Milan, Italy

So a bunch of me and my colleagues had to go on a business trip to Milan. A lot of us asked our colleague and friend Luca for some advice. Here is a list he provided to all of us. Some of the best and funniest travel advice I’ve ever received below:

  1. Your best friend is the subway map at this website:
  2. There are are four subway lines M1 (red line), M2 (green line), M3 (yellow line) and M5 (kinda bluish-grey line). Don’t ask me what happened to line 4, I don’t know.
  3. Public transportation quality decreases as you move farther from the city center.
  4. If you land in Linate (recommended) you can the bus that will leave you in Piazza San Babila, right in the center.
  5. If you land in Malpensa (why??) you can take the Malpensa express train that will take you to the Cadorna station.
  6. If you are going to viale Fulvio Testi, 136 in Cinisello, you can take the M5 direction Bignami and get off at the Bicocca stop. It’s full of students there, so you can explain them why studiying IT is a bad idea.
  7. Basic Italian: Piazza = Square, Via = Street, Viale = Avenue, Biglietto = Ticket, Fermata = Stop.
  8. Print the map from item 1 and keep it with you.
  9. If go with your wives/girlfriends go to via Montenapoleone and watch your life savings evaporate.
  10. That little kitty you just saw is not a kitty, it’s a sewer rat. And his brothers are much bigger.
  11. If you want to meet a football player go to Corso Como. It’s where all the discos are.
  12. Coffee is better than in the Netherlands but still worse than in Naples. Ask Gennaro for details.

Tourbus & Duomo di Milano – #Milan, #Italy #WHPnearandfar

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One additional tip we can add is to visit the San Bernardino alle Ossa chapel. In there is a room with the walls completely covered in human bones.

Scull covered walls #chapel #milan #italy

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I can also recommend to visit the area around Varesine at night time, where you can see some tall buildings and get some good night shots.

Cantiere Porta Nuova – #Milan, #Italy

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