New York City

The city that never sleeps

It has been said a lot that New York is the city that never sleeps. That however is not true, it sleeps in the morning.. 😉 Most shops only open at 10am in the morning, but they do close at 10pm which is very nice.

Free Stuff.. In New York? Really?

Probably the best travel tip in New York is the Staten Island Ferry. Not only is it a free ferry to Staten Island, but it’s route takes you right past the Statue of Liberty!

Tip: With all the queues, stopping at Ellis Island and airport style security checks, going to the Statue of Liberty will take a whole day, so if you have limited time, the Staten Island ferry is a must!

The best views

While the most obvious views of the city (from the top of Rockefeller Centre & Empire State building) are probably still the best, a great and not so talked about view from the skyline is from Roosevelt Island. Just take the F train and you will be amazed at the views as soon as you exit the station.

Tip: Go at night!


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