Los Angeles

The stars shine to much

When doing the Hollywood walk of fame, to take pictures of the stars in direct sunlight is not good due to the reflection of the star, thus rather go at night or when it’s not to sunny.

Hollywood sign

You don’t need to go on a bus trip (that they want to sell to you on every corner) to see the Hollywood sign, you can just go to the shopping centre on Hollywood Blvd and get a perfect view. You can even eat at one of the restaurants.
Tip: Go to California Pizza Kitchen and sit outside!

This is your best security? Really?

There are a lot of bus / bakkie tours to the actors’s & actresses homes, however don’t expect to see much. Even though most of their homes’s security is not on par with a typical house in South Africa, most of them are covered with high walls or plants, making it highly unlikely you will see anyone or anything. (It’s still a fun ride though)


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