South Africa

South Africa is an incredible destination in so many ways – it is the kind of destination that will touch all of your senses in a myriad of ways, and once all is said and done you probably won’t be the same again. Our incredible diversity is a key attraction – from the deserts of the Kgalagadi to the lush green forests of Tsitsikamma to the unspoilt beaches of the Wild Coast to the vibrant nightlife of Cape Town to the Skyscrapers of Johannesburg – we really do have it all.

More detail on places / cities to visit

Cool videos about South Africa to get you started

Youtube playlist with more videos

50 Interesting Facts About South Africa (Some facts are outdated)


In general all food in South Africa is very good, however you’ll miss out a lot if you are a vegetarian since it’s all about the meats! Some things you have to try:

Boerewors – Rustenburg, South Africa

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