Pattaya, Thailand

Pattaya, Thailand

Getting there

We took the aircon bus from สถานีขนส่งผู้โดยสารกรุงเทพ (เอกมัย) Bangkok Bus Terminal (Eastern). It’s very cheap, but make sure you take the normal bus the locals use. At the station they will try and sell you tickets to the much more expensive mini busses for tourists.

Hippopotamus – Great steakhouse with awesome view of the bay.
Here we enjoyed the street food a lot more than in Bangkok. They had this awesome little chicken bbq sticks! 🙂

Things to do
Sanctuary of Truth – This is a MUST do, and one of my top places to visit world wide. It’s a temple made completely of wood. Go google it!
Elephant riding – We sent to Pattaya Elephant Village (หมู่บ้านช้างพัทยา. This one is the one where they take the best care for the animals and it’s the one that is least touristy and commercial. You have to watch out though, since the taxi drivers will try and take you to one of the others where they have a deal with the owners to bring more people to them.
Swimming – Most of the hotels there have amazing pools, and you can see the ocean from the pool. Very nice and relaxing.
Walking Street – Cool to go and walk there at night. Thats where all the hooker are. 😉
Boat ride – You can take some boats and some boat trips to some of the islands, but we never did that.


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